So I have decided to change how this blog is done just a little bit...

I am going to be trying a few different products in the next few months I will let you know my opinions of each of them.  Just remember these are my opinions and my results.  I am excited to try out these new products to me and look forward to the results.  I will also be writing about my fitness each day and a little of what I ate like today I was really bad my food consisted of two zebra cakes two 20 oz cokes and then teryiaki chicken for dinner with rice and a banana for a snack. 

I also had my blood glucose test today so I had that nasty orange substance to drink I guess.  I should know the results of those back soon.  That scares me a little as right now I feel weak.  I feel like I have let my body and soul down. I have had my back problems and I just need to realize that I can get through all of this.  I just need to be patient and work through it all slowly.