get moving


The music I listen to that gets me going and ready to lose weight when I am feeling down.

Today has been a bad day...

I haven't felt the best.  I am going thru a sad/mad phase.  The things that I had planned to do over the next week have gotten changed and cancelled. I had a pina colada shake for breakfast and then a snack of an energy bar I made with honey, peanut butter, and the vi shape mix and oatmeal.  For lunch James fixed me noodles and put some hot dogs in it.  I ate about 1/3 of it before getting full.  I am working on drinking more water that's my toughest part.  I just got to keep trekking along.  Tomorrow is Christmas.  I get to go pick up my daughter who I am missing very much right now. I admit I may not be the healthiest eater but I am trying to do better its just so hard to do when everyone else in the house is not on the diet with me.  I know I need to suck it up and stop making excuses for everyone else and do what is best for me but sometimes that is so hard to do.  Well time to go and maybe work on a plan for meals for the next month or so.


I have started...

I had to start my diet over after running out of powder and supplies the last time.  I have started it over on the bigger kit.  My start date was 12/22/11 and my end date will be 3/21/12.  I almost put 11 there.  Today I had a shake for breakfast.  I am on  my first glass of water but its still staring at me.  After I drink this glass of water I am going to have a glass of Neuro-rasberry.  I took my vitamins and vi-slim  this morning.  I am excited to see where I will be at on 3/21/12.  I want to lose 50 lbs if possible My goal is to lose at least 30 lbs on this challenge if not I am going to be eating a worm shake.  I really don't want to do that That is at least ten pounds a month.  I am excited and know if I work hard I will be successful at it.  Well I can tell where I have more energy I cant stand to sit and type anymore off to get laundry done.


MY Goal...

I want to lose 50lbs.
The reason why I want to lose that much is to be at a healthy BMI for my height, I also hope that by losing this weight I can tone my body.  I will also be showing my daughter how important it is to care about your body and your health.

I will accomplish this goal by doing the Body By Vi 90 Day challenge for most of my nutrition.  I also plan on getting and using the "Fluidity Bar" workout to exercise and tone my body when I get bored of that I will supplement this routine with "ENVY Girls" DVD workouts and or exercising out side weather permitting.

I plan to have this goal completed by July 1st at the latest.  Once I meet this goal I plan on getting me a tattoo on my stomach/side area that will have meaning to me.  I also will spend a little money and get me a nice outfit from head to toe for going out in when I feel like dressing up.

One other goal I plan on having accomplished by then is getting a job to help earn my money for all of this stuff.  The main idea I have is to start selling Body By Vi products and encouraging others to get healthy as well.


Nov 1st...Thankful for this chance...

Well I havent been successful lately at staying on my lifestyle changes.  I plan on tryign to save up so I can try a 90 day program called Body By Vi.  I want to be able to afford the big kit they have since I want to lose over 50 lbs right now.  I am in the process of a slow move and during the process Ia m havnig to get my daughter use to a new place.  Once she is use to the new place I plan on takign her and walkign around the area some more to get some more exercise and all.  I also plan on doing some exercise during the morning myself.  If I can manage to wake myself up by 7 am.  Well I guess I better go for now time to do a little more cleaning.



It Works Wraps...the really work

So ladies I have tried out an "It Works Ultimate applicator"  it really did work.  I wore it for about an hour and a half to two hours. I have lost 2" on my stomach since putting it on.  I am excited that I lost those inches.  The reason for the wraps are to help tone and tighten the area you put it on.  I would say it helped do that. Below are my after results.  I still have more work to do but I am keeping to my exercise and dieting and going to use a few more of the wraps.  I think I am going to try and become a rep for It works once I can save up the money as a spare job.  If you need some more information or are interested in trying them please message me i can get you in touch with someone or help you get a wrap to try.  they also have some for your face and different supplements i want to try.  Well time to go ill talk to you later on.


Diets Suck!!!

Dies suck.  How does one lose weight we shall see.  I am working on a plan to see if I can get down below 125 lbs.  Hopefully even to 115 lbs if possible.  I have a few weaknesses I will have to overcome: cokes, being lazy, dislike of sweat, and snack breaks all the time.

Goal 1: I am giving myself 4 weeks to get off of cokes or any carbonated beverage.  How will I do this.  Week 1 consists of 2 sodas a day.  Week 2 will be 1 soda a day.  Week 3 a soda ever other day.  Week 4 no sodas.  By accomplishing this goal, I will be healthier and most likely not feel as bloated.  Once I accomplish this I plan on buying me some supplements for more energy.

Goal 2 & 3: My next two goals can be combined as I push myself to stop being lazy at home.  I will start sweating more.  I have decided to work on this the next 4 weeks also.  Week 1 will be 20 minutes of exercise every other day along with 250 crunches 5 sets of 50 a day.  Week 2 will be 20 minutes every day with 300 crunches 6 sets of 50.  Week 3 I will increase to 30 minutes of exercise a week.  Week 4 I will increase to 40 minutes a day 2 sessions of 20 minutes.

Goal 4: I plan on counting my calories and to find more filling buy low calories snacks like popcorn.  I may also look at going back on the slim fast diet since it has worked for me before.

I have 19 weeks to lose between 35-50 lbs.  That will be about 20-30% of my body weight lost.  I will have to lose about 2 lbs a week to be successful with this challenge.  I have friends and family who trust that I can do it.  I do not want to let them or myself down.

If I can succeed I plan on saving money for a new wardrobe.  I may save for an all over makeover even.  So here are some other goals I will be working on also.  Whiter/healthier teeth/smile.  I want to grow my hair longer.  I want to have a cleaner face with less breakouts. 

So I know this is a super long past.  I am sorry about that.  Tip of the Day:  Look in a mirror and find one good thing for every bad thing you point out.


Monday Monday

Today was def... a monday.  My boss came into work long enough to let us know she was going to be leaving.  I stayed busy most of the day.  My weekend was busy.  Today whie I was at work I have determined I need to spend 5 minutes every hour to strech.  I also need to create a schedule that will give me a variety of exercise each day well besides my crunches.  I will also try to post more ideas here also when I can.

Tip of the day: Spend a few minutes each day reaching a little taller or a little further away and help limber up your muscles more. 


The start of a challenge

So I am starting a challenge on facebook with some of my friends.  We all sent in our weights and measurements and photos in so that way we could compare at the beginning of dec to now.  Well here are all my measurements.

I weight 163.3 lbs. my neck is 14", My arms are 13" my biggest part of the bust is 40" the smallest is 34" my smallest part of my waist is 37" the biggest is 42" my hips and butt is 43" and my thighs are 25".  I am 5'2.  Here is what it looks like on me.

I plan on toning my abs up and then losing some of that weight and also toning my thighs up and all around if possible.  We will see how much I can get done in that time frame.  I will send in a picture update every now and then of my measurements like i had lol...and then at then end i will update with a new picture.  Well I guess I better go start doign as many crunches as my little abs can handle in a night and some cardio...and some yoga maybe or zumba we will see. 

Tip of the day: To anyone who thanks they cant get in shape start by doign as many crunches as you can then rest for about ten seconds then do that many again and do that a couple of times and then each day add more to it and more you will be surprised at how many you can end up doing.



So today I found out I am not diabetic all my levels are fine.  The test they ran before was on a little machine and the dr said that they are more likely to be inaccurate.  This is good news to me.  I will be honest I have been letting my mind and nerves get the better of me for about a week now but with this good news I am going to try and make things better.  I almost lost my job do to my own stupid mistakes but I got my reprimand coming and they said they are going to keep me so now I got to prove that it was the right thing to do and that I just let things get too much.  I know when I am at that point I need to ask for help instead of letting it all build up which I think is alot easier to do. 

I am going to start a weight loss challenge with some friends from and I am very excited about it.  We are going to be doing it until Dec 1st.  I am not sure I will win but my goal for it is to lose the weight and get in shaped and toned up more then anything else.  I also want to be able to encourage others to do the same for themselves.  I will be trying out some different products soon to tell you how good they work some will be diet related some will be beauty related and I will be posting links to people who I got the products from.  If you would be interested in a post let me know.  We will see what we can work out.  Well time to eat dinner soon and get some more exercise done.


So I have decided to change how this blog is done just a little bit...

I am going to be trying a few different products in the next few months I will let you know my opinions of each of them.  Just remember these are my opinions and my results.  I am excited to try out these new products to me and look forward to the results.  I will also be writing about my fitness each day and a little of what I ate like today I was really bad my food consisted of two zebra cakes two 20 oz cokes and then teryiaki chicken for dinner with rice and a banana for a snack. 

I also had my blood glucose test today so I had that nasty orange substance to drink I guess.  I should know the results of those back soon.  That scares me a little as right now I feel weak.  I feel like I have let my body and soul down. I have had my back problems and I just need to realize that I can get through all of this.  I just need to be patient and work through it all slowly.



So Excited but maybe a setback...

I went to my doctor the other day and found out I maybe a diabetic.  I am going in for some more testing.  they said that and the combination of my anti depressant may have caused me to gain the 30 lbs I did.  I have decided I am going to try and get rid of the extra weight.

When i was on Facebook I won an "It Works" wrap.  I am so excited to try it out and see if it at least will help me tone my body some more.  I know I have to start to watch how much of what I eat more and such.  I know I can do it just got to set my mind to it.  I think if I can see myself a little smaller then things will work better and i will keep working at things.  I have been doing my reverse sit ups everyday and I am going to start adding more sets to it because my abs no longer burn the day after meaning they are use to doing that many now.  I realized I did not have a follow button for this page so I will be adding one today.  I may also change my layout in a bit.  We will see.  I hope that everyone has had a good weekend.

Oh yeah I am now 27 woo hoo!!!



well this morning I woke up and Ruby wanted to do some zumba with me. We worked out doing that...later in the day we went for a walk at the mall. This evening I did my 7 sets of 30 crunches with ten secs rest between. I am hoping to start losing some of this weight.  I am going to start using my slimfast again also to try and help get this jump started. Tomorrow will be wii fit which will include some running and strength training... I also am going to do more crunches and maybe some zumba we will see.

what are some of your favorite activities to do with your kids? My daughter loves to zumba and do yoga with me.



Well I am currently weight 158 lbs.  I have started to do some running with the wii right now.  i know once James gets here me and him will be running together.  I also have started to do crunches.  I did 210 yesterday and I can feel the burn on my abs right now.  I know I need to start watching what I eat also which is usually my  hardest part.  Well I hope things are well with all of you.  I will updated you all more later on.




Well yesterday I got a steroid injection in my back.  I am beginning to feel better just got to have it okay'ed by the doctor and then I am going to start a running program and crunches work out.  I have found a product that is suppose to help shrink your stomach on facebook and am trying to win one in a giveaway if not when i get back at work I plan on buying one and to help my stomach that way.  We will see how it goes.  I am hoping that this shot lasts a while so I can get to an idea weight.  I was up to 160 this past month and really need to reduce that.  We will see how it goes.  



June 19, 2011

So I have been having major back pain lately.  I am up to 160 lbs.  It is really frustrating to me.  I am going to start dieting more and working out.  I am trying to do little things. My goal this week is to drink tea vs drinking soda.  I had sodas today.  I will drink the rest of the coke I have tomorrow and then I will be on to tea.  I have been doing good when going out to restaurants asking for tea hopefully I can keep it up.