Going in the right direction

Well the past couple of weeks has been insane...But now that I made it through I can say I feel so much better.  I am seeing the light somewhat...I am now about the weight I was when I had my daughter that was five years ago this coming Tuesday.  I am beginning to feel a lot better about myself just got to keep moving in the direction I am and got to keep working on it.  Today is another busy day but I am happy so  I will make it through.


Insanity: Day One: Fit Test

Well I made it through the Fit Test part of it...I couldnt go the whole time during each test part which kind of made me sad but I know that it only means I can improve more as I go along. I am at 158 pounds today.  I have 60 days to do this workout routine.  I will post pictures later of my before and after at day 30 and day 60.  What kind of workout routines have you all tried.  I feel I am insane for starting this but I know I need to improve my health and my life and I think I will be able to with this program.

I will talk to everyone later on.