Diets Suck!!!

Dies suck.  How does one lose weight we shall see.  I am working on a plan to see if I can get down below 125 lbs.  Hopefully even to 115 lbs if possible.  I have a few weaknesses I will have to overcome: cokes, being lazy, dislike of sweat, and snack breaks all the time.

Goal 1: I am giving myself 4 weeks to get off of cokes or any carbonated beverage.  How will I do this.  Week 1 consists of 2 sodas a day.  Week 2 will be 1 soda a day.  Week 3 a soda ever other day.  Week 4 no sodas.  By accomplishing this goal, I will be healthier and most likely not feel as bloated.  Once I accomplish this I plan on buying me some supplements for more energy.

Goal 2 & 3: My next two goals can be combined as I push myself to stop being lazy at home.  I will start sweating more.  I have decided to work on this the next 4 weeks also.  Week 1 will be 20 minutes of exercise every other day along with 250 crunches 5 sets of 50 a day.  Week 2 will be 20 minutes every day with 300 crunches 6 sets of 50.  Week 3 I will increase to 30 minutes of exercise a week.  Week 4 I will increase to 40 minutes a day 2 sessions of 20 minutes.

Goal 4: I plan on counting my calories and to find more filling buy low calories snacks like popcorn.  I may also look at going back on the slim fast diet since it has worked for me before.

I have 19 weeks to lose between 35-50 lbs.  That will be about 20-30% of my body weight lost.  I will have to lose about 2 lbs a week to be successful with this challenge.  I have friends and family who trust that I can do it.  I do not want to let them or myself down.

If I can succeed I plan on saving money for a new wardrobe.  I may save for an all over makeover even.  So here are some other goals I will be working on also.  Whiter/healthier teeth/smile.  I want to grow my hair longer.  I want to have a cleaner face with less breakouts. 

So I know this is a super long past.  I am sorry about that.  Tip of the Day:  Look in a mirror and find one good thing for every bad thing you point out.