The start of a challenge

So I am starting a challenge on facebook with some of my friends.  We all sent in our weights and measurements and photos in so that way we could compare at the beginning of dec to now.  Well here are all my measurements.

I weight 163.3 lbs. my neck is 14", My arms are 13" my biggest part of the bust is 40" the smallest is 34" my smallest part of my waist is 37" the biggest is 42" my hips and butt is 43" and my thighs are 25".  I am 5'2.  Here is what it looks like on me.

I plan on toning my abs up and then losing some of that weight and also toning my thighs up and all around if possible.  We will see how much I can get done in that time frame.  I will send in a picture update every now and then of my measurements like i had lol...and then at then end i will update with a new picture.  Well I guess I better go start doign as many crunches as my little abs can handle in a night and some cardio...and some yoga maybe or zumba we will see. 

Tip of the day: To anyone who thanks they cant get in shape start by doign as many crunches as you can then rest for about ten seconds then do that many again and do that a couple of times and then each day add more to it and more you will be surprised at how many you can end up doing.