Week 2...

Well I have started my second week.  I am cutting back on my sodas.  This is the hardest part of any diet for me. I am trying to get more water in. I got my wraps in so that I can wrap myself this Friday to work on toning up some skin.  I am ready for the weekend already.  I have to say that its fast shipping.  If anyone is interested in ordering please let me know or check out If you order something send her a message letting her know that I sent you.

I got a yoga mat last week to work on my stretches and such to work on improving my flexibility and toning my body. If you all have any questions please post a comment or message me.



The end of the week

Well I have tried a few new products that I haven't written about yet.  I have tried two products sparkling FruitWater by Coke.  I tried the black Rasberry and the Watermelon Punch.  I wasn't a fan of the black raspberry.  I really liked the Watermelon Punch.  I have also downloaded and added a playlist to here of some of the music I use in my playlist.

I plan on writing more later on.  I had a migraine today so dosed off half of my day.



Day 2:

Well today I tried the product "Greens" by ItWorks.  I got it from a lady on facebook. Her link is posted below.  If you order something from her let her know I sent you.  I added it to my "Rise" vitaminWater Zero.  It wasn't a horrible taste.  I had to get use to it, but you are talking to someone who usually just drinks Coke's.  I found I seemed a little more awake throughout the day.  Well time to go eat dinner I hope to have a chance soon to do measurements and my weight again soon.

Marcey. or


New beginnings

Well I started a new production job at the beginning of March. With the job I have started working out more.  I will be stopping the workouts with the end of this week.  I am not going to let that get me down since I get to work almost 45 minutes early or so  I plan on working out during that time. I am not going to give up.  I have found my reward once I get down to where I want to be.  I also have found some products I am going to be testing out.  I have created a music playlist also. I will post the songs at the end of the week. I would like to get some people to interact with me if possible.