Major changes...

Well I had alot of major changes happen since the last post.  I moved out of the apartment with James mainly for my own reasons.  I had left the shake mix there because my daughters clothes and toys were more important.  I was able to get my shake mix that was in the mail transffered to my home vs his apartment.  It arrived last night so I have gotten my almond milk and all so that  I can start up with the diet again.  It has been tough and I have been really stressed the past month but i know that things are going to get better.  I hope that everyone has been good.  I am going to try and get thru the next 30 days at least using the shake mix.  I havent made it to a 30 day mark yet but I know I can just I put it ont he back burner.  Now is the time to get it on the front burner.


p.s. I have included my link to myfitnesspal profile what I am going to call MFP from now on.  Please feel free to join and add me as a friend on there and you can remind me to put in my information.  If you are reading this please feel free to comment with encouragement also.