All this INSANITY is about to begin...

So I finally got over having a cold.  I did cut my hair.  Let see what else has been going on my daughters dad got married without really giving my daughter any warning so was dealing with a little bit of changes from her but I have made it through.  I plan on starting the INSANITY workout program.  I calculated and they want me to get in at least 1500 calories so I will be good there just adding in working out 6 out of 7 days.  Let see what else is going on.  That is about it.  I have started making my bed every morning and taking medicine each  night and it makes me feel a lot better then I had been. Well have a good evening and I will post more again soon.



365 Days to a New Me

Since today is my birthday and I sit here having gained more weight.  I want to work towards a goal of being a healthier me by the time I turn 29.  I am going to try and post every day for the next 365 days.  Sometimes pictures of my success and sometimes pictures of my failures... I know it will be a long struggle but one that will be amazing if I can truly working on it. 

There are many goals I would love to get accomplished but I am not sure which ones I will succeed at which ones I will fail at but I will work on it all equally.  Goals included growing my hair long, losing weight, toning my body to show some muscles, running a 5K, having healthy pretty nails,  having a clear face, making a queen size quilt,  I also want to have a little money saved up to go on a small weekend vacation somewhere.  

If you are interested in doing one with me let me know or if you just want to follow me feel free to message me any encouragement you can.  Thanks