Going in the right direction

Well the past couple of weeks has been insane...But now that I made it through I can say I feel so much better.  I am seeing the light somewhat...I am now about the weight I was when I had my daughter that was five years ago this coming Tuesday.  I am beginning to feel a lot better about myself just got to keep moving in the direction I am and got to keep working on it.  Today is another busy day but I am happy so  I will make it through.


Insanity: Day One: Fit Test

Well I made it through the Fit Test part of it...I couldnt go the whole time during each test part which kind of made me sad but I know that it only means I can improve more as I go along. I am at 158 pounds today.  I have 60 days to do this workout routine.  I will post pictures later of my before and after at day 30 and day 60.  What kind of workout routines have you all tried.  I feel I am insane for starting this but I know I need to improve my health and my life and I think I will be able to with this program.

I will talk to everyone later on.



Back on the horse...

Well it was the weekend and I was gone to see family which meant I didn't follow a diet at all.  I ate what i wanted when I wanted and how much I wanted. I am happy to say when I weighed this morning I had only gained one pound.  That makes me extremely happy since I was sure I was probably going to be over 165 and was only 163.  This week I am working on cleaning my room and getting my diet back in shape or at least on a schedule better.  Next week I will start working out.  I have a about 2 months and 2 weeks until a concert that my cousin is coming up to see.  I have 4 months and 3 weeks until my brother and friend get married.  I have 6 months until thanksgiving.  I believe I can do all the things I want in that amount of time if I keep up on it. I am going to try and update this more often if possible.  I also have purchased myself a fitbit that I plan on using more often it keeps track of my sleep and walking and steps I climb.

I have started taking vitamins so my nails are actually growing out very pretty. I am still working on my hair its at a phase where I want to just chop it off because its not long and I cant do much with it that way but its not short and I cant style it that way.  I keep having to remind myself that I want it to grow longer and the only way to do that is by leaving it alone and letting it grow out with maybe just a trim here or there.


Happy Memorial Day

Well I believe it's time to kick my own butt. I haven't been doing what I should or need to do to keep me healthy. I have a few fun events coming up in two to three months or more a concert a wedding and even further out thanksgiving. I would like to be as close to my goal weight by then. How do I plan on getting there going back to following the slim fast plan and adding in lots of exercise. I'm going to try doing the insanity workouts but if they prove to be too difficult I will do Zumba instead my rewards when I lose another 20 lbs ill buy myself a new pair of red high heels would like to be there by the middle of August my second goal ten pounds after that  new outfit and color my hair. Would like this by mid oct and the. For nov to be down to 120 reward going to a store and buying me a few nice outfits. 

What are some struggles you are facing right now? How do you plan on defeating that? What rewards are you giving yourself?


Week 2...

Well I have started my second week.  I am cutting back on my sodas.  This is the hardest part of any diet for me. I am trying to get more water in. I got my wraps in so that I can wrap myself this Friday to work on toning up some skin.  I am ready for the weekend already.  I have to say that its fast shipping.  If anyone is interested in ordering please let me know or check out If you order something send her a message letting her know that I sent you.

I got a yoga mat last week to work on my stretches and such to work on improving my flexibility and toning my body. If you all have any questions please post a comment or message me.



The end of the week

Well I have tried a few new products that I haven't written about yet.  I have tried two products sparkling FruitWater by Coke.  I tried the black Rasberry and the Watermelon Punch.  I wasn't a fan of the black raspberry.  I really liked the Watermelon Punch.  I have also downloaded and added a playlist to here of some of the music I use in my playlist.

I plan on writing more later on.  I had a migraine today so dosed off half of my day.



Day 2:

Well today I tried the product "Greens" by ItWorks.  I got it from a lady on facebook. Her link is posted below.  If you order something from her let her know I sent you.  I added it to my "Rise" vitaminWater Zero.  It wasn't a horrible taste.  I had to get use to it, but you are talking to someone who usually just drinks Coke's.  I found I seemed a little more awake throughout the day.  Well time to go eat dinner I hope to have a chance soon to do measurements and my weight again soon.

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