It Works Wraps...the really work

So ladies I have tried out an "It Works Ultimate applicator"  it really did work.  I wore it for about an hour and a half to two hours. I have lost 2" on my stomach since putting it on.  I am excited that I lost those inches.  The reason for the wraps are to help tone and tighten the area you put it on.  I would say it helped do that. Below are my after results.  I still have more work to do but I am keeping to my exercise and dieting and going to use a few more of the wraps.  I think I am going to try and become a rep for It works once I can save up the money as a spare job.  If you need some more information or are interested in trying them please message me i can get you in touch with someone or help you get a wrap to try.  they also have some for your face and different supplements i want to try.  Well time to go ill talk to you later on.