Well I made it almost all the way...

through my first whole week...Usually by now I have stopped drinking the shakes for one reason or another this time I haven't I just got to keep pushing on.  My count was a little lower then what I was expecting but jsut means I need to push myself harder and add more fluids and take a closer count on my calories I am not sure I am getting enough of them in.  I am going to measure again on the 15 just to see the results and then start measuring once a month on the inches part I may still weight myself every week.  I cant wait to see my final results.  I thought I had been feeling bloated and my measurement results from today proved it. my neck is 14.5 my upper arm is 13 my lower arm is 10.  My full bust is 39 my underbust is 33.5 my high waist is 34 my natural waist is 38.5 my hip is 42 my thighs are 24 and my calves are 15.5  My weight was 164.2 lbs.  Time to keep going on.  Well its bedtime so I can get up and work out in the morning.  Night all.