Happy New Years.

Well I am finally done running for the holidays. I am so glad to be back home and to start my new schedules.  I am going to be doing my measurements once I get my little girl to sleep today.  I have to also write down my schedule for the week of meals and such.  I am exhausted from the holidays but I know I am going to better not only my life but the life my family has.  My goals for this week is to stick to two shakes a day and a snack in between meals.  I also plan on getting up every morning to exercise at about 5am.  I then plan on doing a little cleaning until my girl wakes up and then do more activities with her and get her ready for  pre-school.  I need to get a few more things one of those being a scale.  Well I need to get going putting my little one to bed in just over an hour.