I feel like giving up but...

I know that I will just be giving in and not happy with myself if I do.  This past week has been a week from hell to me and I just want it over with.  I want to just cry and be hugged but now that's just the weakness in me that I am letting win and me making excuses.  I need to put the big girl panties on and tough it all out no matter how hard or extreme things will be at first.  I need to cook lean and healthy meals for my family instead of just letting us order out all the time.  I need to exercise more instead of playing games on Facebook like I do oh so well.  When I find myself sitting around for over an hour I need to make my butt get up and do some kind of physical activity. There are lots of small things I could do stretches...playing ball with my daughter in the hallway... sit-ups.  squats...wall squats...push ups...anything but instead what do I do continue to play the games on my computer.  I wish I had more friends who lived in the same town I do right now that would be exercise partners with me. I find all this stuff I want but I cant afford it so just got to live in my means which is so hard sometimes...I need to find a church to get myself into its been so hard since I moved down here.  Now I find myself making one more excuse for it since my car has broke down.  As soon as I get my car fixed or I get a new car I know I need to get back in with God.  I need to start reading my bible every morning before I get going on my day too much.  I need to make myself wake up read my bible, exercise, eat breakfast and then wake my daughter up and get her breakfast going and then do some teaching with her.  Maybe after doing some teaching bundle both of us up and go on a walk in our apartment complex.  Then come home eat lunch and put on a movie for her then do some craft time with her then go check the mail.  Then do a snack then give her some downtime and at that point give me a little down time and then fix dinner.  It will be a hard process but I am sure if I  push myself I can start doing it and life will run a little smoother for us.  If you are a friend of mine and want to help encourage me or hold me responsible please let me know what areas you want to help me with and I will try to keep in touch with you just know that if you are holding me responsible I want to hold you responsible too...Well time to go for now.