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Sorry I didnt post the last two days.  I took a mini road trip up to a wedding of a friend of mine from Purdue.  It was intersting.  I saw alot of people IO knew from Purdue which was nice.  It made me think about alot of stuff though also.  All th ose people I talked to had been with guys going on 5 years.  That is a really long time.  I started top think about it and I realized I think I have been rushing even the long relationships I have been in.  I have always grown up dreaming of the perfect wedding but instead of enjoying the person I am with for the time being I have always thought.  What about my wedding.  The wedding shouldnt be what I am thinking about.  Instead I should be thinking about the guy when he comes along and how much we get along or how much I like to be with him.  How we make each other happy and that we are both willign to do something we may not typically enjoy for the other person like their hobbies.

On the way back hom from the wedding we were goign to stop at Purdue and I decided I didnt want to do that.  On the way home I thougth about it alot.  and my problem is I have always wanted to meet someone I could marry not someone I am in love with and want to spend the rest of my life with.  I am not sure if it amkes sense to any of you but it does to me and thats why I dont want that.  I want something more something meaningful and it may take me over 5 years to get it but I am sure when I get it.  I will be happier then I ever have been and that means so much more then happy for a day.

Oh yeah I want to start my exercise routing this week.  IT will be difficult I am giogn to wake up early three our of the 5 work days to do this routing.  I found it online its a kettlebell program it should be interesting.  It is more for toning then losing weight which is exactly waht I want to do.  I know I may lose some weight and such but that is fine.  I just want to be a little more tone. 

There is a picture from yesterday.  Enjoy the rest of your sunday. I will write more sometime soon.


pegt45 said...

I have been reading your posts on here and have wanted to tell you basically what you figured out on your own. I didn't do it because I knew you would figure it out before long :) By looking to the wedding before a relationship has truely formed has been pushing the guys away. Go out, date, enjoy life. When the right one comes along you will both know it over time...get to know them! Yes you are right, it may take awhile for that perfect guy for you to come along but that is fine, don't want you to settle for anything less!! Hope all this made a little sense :)

Jamie said...

This post of yours makes me happy. That is all I want for you. To find a guy that you love and cherish who loves and cherishes you back. I have and always will support you. As for working out and changing your routine, YOU GO GIRL!