Version 11.04.10

So today is one of my bad days I guess you could is a day where I want someone to hold me but I know no matter what thats not what is best for me.  Today is a day I need to be strong on my i sit here and think about how even though it hurts to be alone tonight in the end it will be that much better that I am not becoming addicted to the affectin of someone else.  It will take time but I hope I can get thru it. 

Well good news at work today I have been learning a different position its been more difficult then what I had been learning but I think I am getting the hang of it.  The others are making me feel good and trying not to let me discourage.

I go to the dentist tomorrow for a check up where I had my wisdom teeth removed to see how they are healing.  In about a month or two I plan to get the other side pulled also.  Then I will work on getting them cleaned and a little more white. 

Well time to go I guess.  Have a good evening everyone.