Back on the horse...

Well it was the weekend and I was gone to see family which meant I didn't follow a diet at all.  I ate what i wanted when I wanted and how much I wanted. I am happy to say when I weighed this morning I had only gained one pound.  That makes me extremely happy since I was sure I was probably going to be over 165 and was only 163.  This week I am working on cleaning my room and getting my diet back in shape or at least on a schedule better.  Next week I will start working out.  I have a about 2 months and 2 weeks until a concert that my cousin is coming up to see.  I have 4 months and 3 weeks until my brother and friend get married.  I have 6 months until thanksgiving.  I believe I can do all the things I want in that amount of time if I keep up on it. I am going to try and update this more often if possible.  I also have purchased myself a fitbit that I plan on using more often it keeps track of my sleep and walking and steps I climb.

I have started taking vitamins so my nails are actually growing out very pretty. I am still working on my hair its at a phase where I want to just chop it off because its not long and I cant do much with it that way but its not short and I cant style it that way.  I keep having to remind myself that I want it to grow longer and the only way to do that is by leaving it alone and letting it grow out with maybe just a trim here or there.