Setting out and failing...

Yes I am writing this post to say everything I have tried to do lately I have failed at besides my walk with God.  I am not completely happy with it but it has made me think about some ways I have been doing things and ways I can work on trying to be happy again.

My main problem...I havent tried.  I  keep making excuse after excuse as to why I cant do something today and put it off for tomorrow.

Solution to this: Getting more people to hold me accountable and responsible for my actions.  This isnt just for losing weight but saving money...looking for a better job...being a better mother to my daughter...being a better daughter to my parents.

Action steps to take this week:

  •  I am going to first off put up all the clothes I cant fit in that are in my closet and put them in my dresser therefore I see more of the clothes I am fitting I am going to hang one outfit up on the back of my bedroom door so every time i leave my room I see it and will remind myself to do better.
  • I am going to try and get back to eating healthier. 
  • I am going to research a few ways to lose weight healthy and see which one will fit things I am going through right now. 
  • I am going to apply to at least two more places to look for a full time position with insurance and better pay then I am making right now. 
  • I am going to keep my room picked up every day and make mine and Roo's beds each day.  
  • I am going to find pictures of when I was a size I liked and print them out to hang on my magnetic boards in my room as a reminder of what i want to get back down to.  
  • I will only weigh myself once.  
  • I will find at least three other people to hold me accountable.  One a person I see multiple times during the week, One  I see at least once a year, and one online who I have never met but we talk online alot.  If you would like to be one of those people  will message me and ask me how I am doing on the weekends and or during the week let me know, must be willing to do semi frequently.  

To those who actually read this if you want to follow me and hold me accountable please feel free to.  I am sure the best is yet to come.