Fall Festival Fail

Well needless to say the first week of October was the Fall Festival it was a giant fail for me.  I went there and had a few snacks one day but I think the worst part I was so frustrated with not having more money to go and spend there that I pigged out at my house.  I feel embarrassed to say that, it is true though.  The cool things that happened there my daughter won the lighthouse parade the first night so she got a trophy and to ride on the big float at the end of the week.  We also won two pet hermit crabs while we were there so now I have two crabs watching me type.  I have remade my schedule to try my workout again. I am trying to realize the only reason I fail is because I let myself fail.  I don't want to give myself the option this time.  I found a dress I want to fit in at Christmas time my mom is going to make it.  I felt bad because I had to get the bigger size pattern that is the first time I have had to do that for a woman's/ misses size pattern.  I felt embarrassed I am hoping by the time she starts working on it I wont have to have that size.  I am trying to think of other things that have been going on.  Not too much have been thinking about a lot of things in my life which I think has caused em to stress out.   Well I guess I need to get going for now have a good day may God bless you.