MY Goal...

I want to lose 50lbs.
The reason why I want to lose that much is to be at a healthy BMI for my height, I also hope that by losing this weight I can tone my body.  I will also be showing my daughter how important it is to care about your body and your health.

I will accomplish this goal by doing the Body By Vi 90 Day challenge for most of my nutrition.  I also plan on getting and using the "Fluidity Bar" workout to exercise and tone my body when I get bored of that I will supplement this routine with "ENVY Girls" DVD workouts and or exercising out side weather permitting.

I plan to have this goal completed by July 1st at the latest.  Once I meet this goal I plan on getting me a tattoo on my stomach/side area that will have meaning to me.  I also will spend a little money and get me a nice outfit from head to toe for going out in when I feel like dressing up.

One other goal I plan on having accomplished by then is getting a job to help earn my money for all of this stuff.  The main idea I have is to start selling Body By Vi products and encouraging others to get healthy as well.


Nov 1st...Thankful for this chance...

Well I havent been successful lately at staying on my lifestyle changes.  I plan on tryign to save up so I can try a 90 day program called Body By Vi.  I want to be able to afford the big kit they have since I want to lose over 50 lbs right now.  I am in the process of a slow move and during the process Ia m havnig to get my daughter use to a new place.  Once she is use to the new place I plan on takign her and walkign around the area some more to get some more exercise and all.  I also plan on doing some exercise during the morning myself.  If I can manage to wake myself up by 7 am.  Well I guess I better go for now time to do a little more cleaning.